How Julian Paid Off His Parent's Mortgage With ONE Decision

Julian had been in sales for over 15 years.

8 year prior he had switched to tech sales.

Over the years he had been relatively successful but started to see his results stagnant and decline.

He starting reading books like The Challenger Sale and did see some slight improvements.

But then Covid hit and his results worsened.

It impacted his confidence and how he performed.

That's when he decided books by itself wasn't enough.

He made the one key decision to get sales coaching.

We started working with him to refine his sales process.

Taking every part of his sales process, his routine, his sales habits, etc. to the next level.

Within a couple months, he started to see his results improve.

Within 3 months, he had already earned back his entire investment.

Fast forward and he's now one of the top reps at a $1B+ saas company.

He's closing multiple six-figure deals consistently and his income has skyrocketed.

To the point of even paying off his parent's mortgage.

All because of ONE decision.

We could not be prouder of Julian!

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